What does Community Vocational Rehabilitation mean to the people we support?

Every week our Inroads Newsletter Group has the opportunity to write content for upcoming internal newsletters. This past week we asked each one of our writers to touch on why they feel Inroads is important to them.

Here is what they said:

(Please note, some of our participants asked to remain anonymous).


“I need to live in a multilayered community. There is the community of my home family, my community of Alcoholics Anonymous and of course my community of Inroads. I need a variety of groups that I belong to. Each group to address different needs in my life. Each different group reflects from different needs in my life.”


“Inroads is a great place to be. I learned how to live with my illness instead of fighting with it. Also useful skills for just living day to day. I’m also given an opportunity to make some pocket cash as well. I hope this place stays for a long time.”

-Ramon A.

“Why I like to work here at Inroads is because it is positive to work here and share my own ideas with the public. Inroads is a great opportunity to belong and participate. To be social and learn to be independent, work and share.”

-Joan R.

“Inroads is a great place to be. A lot of people to talk to instead of staying home. Also I have good counselors who help me out when I need help. They have great workshops to work in, a cafeteria where the food is great, good groups, which help you out like gym class and many areas to work at in program. It is very hard to work in integrated employment, which is why we have this support.They also have good job coaches.”

-Paul D.S.

“I like Inroads because they make me happy. I have good counselors who help me when I need help. I have a great workshop and love the groups.”

-Tyquannah V.

“I have to go to program at Inroads because I need experience. When I went to get my taxes done, Wayne (tax aid) asked me if I want to support the workshops and keep them open at Inroads. I said yes. I like Self-Advocacy, Newsletter Group, Cooking Group and Bingo. Inroads helps me enjoy my hobbies, which are reading, writing singing and acting.”

-Debby G.

“Sheltered employment can be remedial but it leads to stability. The participants who move on to competitive employment go on to be quite successful and secure.”

-Michael C.

“Inroads is very positive. The jobs adjust to the skill of the participant and our supervisors take the time to explain the process of the working products.”

-Janet L.

“I like to come to Inroads because I enjoy each of my groups. I like to discuss the different topics in our groups and express how they make me feel. I enjoy doing exercises in the gym including the tapes from Jillian Michaels, Richard Simmons, Zumba and walking on the treadmill. I enjoy doing work in the workshops and helping my friends complete a job.”

-Rosalyn W.

“Hello my name is Eric and I want to tell you why I love to work at Inroads to Opportunities. I love the different jobs that they send us from different companies. It’s cool when we help each other with the job and learn how to do it. I think it’s great that there’s so many people our program helps out. Some people learn tasks in a snap. Some need more time learning stuff. I love the special groups we have here like newsletter. My favorite parties are the Inroads Halloween and Christmas Dance.”

-Eric P.


Written by Bryan Hansen